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Getting Rid of Wrinkles with Radiofrequency Technology

Getting Rid of Wrinkles with Radiofrequency Technology

Sooner or later, we all start to see those fine lines and wrinkles appear. You instinctively reach up and pull your cheeks and forehead back to temporarily restore the smooth, taut texture, but sadly, all the wrinkles reappear as soon as you release your skin.

You know it’s time to do something more than slather on cream, but you’re not ready for surgery.

Sounds like you’re an excellent candidate for noninvasive, painless TempSure® Envi skin rejuvenation treatments. This innovative treatment uses radiofrequency technology to stimulate the tissues under the surface of your skin and trigger a process that helps your body repair itself and get rid of its wrinkles.

Here, Dr. James Batey and Brenda Dexter, FNP, at Premier Primary Care in Union City, Tennessee, explain how this technology works and how you can benefit from it.

Why your skin is wrinkled

Everyone begins noticing wrinkles at a different age because the visible signs of aging depend on several variables, including genetics and sun exposure over the years. One of the main contributing factors to wrinkled skin is the loss of collagen, a crucial protein that gives your skin its structure and resilience. 

Once you reach your 20th birthday, you produce about 1% less collagen every year. That means your skin loses volume and becomes thinner and weaker.

You also slow down your production of elastin, the protein responsible for your skin’s elasticity and ability to resist the constant tug of gravity. 

Now that you know why your skin looks loose and shriveled let’s talk about how to restore it.

How RF technology diminishes your wrinkles

To tighten your skin without injections or surgery, we use the TempSure Envy system. First, we apply a soothing gel over the surface of your skin. Then, we gently massage the treatment area with a small, handheld instrument that emits the RF energy. 

The wavelengths penetrate the surface and travel through the layers to the dermal-subdermal level, where tissue resistance generates an increase in temperature. That heat triggers a response in your cells and tissue that promotes new collagen and elastin production over time.

You may notice immediate results that last for a few days, but this is generally due to the mild swelling that occurs and temporarily tightens your skin. However, the real work is going on deep within the layers and may take a few weeks for the full effect to kick in. 

About a week after your treatment, fibroblasts form and stimulate the production of new collagen and growth factors. In another two weeks, the increased collagen and elastin form a new network of fibers that restore your skin’s flexibility and strength and smooth out the wrinkles on the surface.

The wait is worth it when you see smoother, younger-looking skin in the mirror. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for noninvasive TempSure Envi, schedule an appointment at Premier Primary Care by calling our friendly staff or booking it online. 

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