How Radiofrequency Technology Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

How Radiofrequency Technology Can Rejuvenate Your Skin

You see the changes gradually at first — a line here, a few wrinkles there, and then suddenly it seems like your face changed overnight. Even if you’ve taken good care of your skin over the years, there’s no avoiding the eventual loss of structure and tone that leads to sagging, wrinkled skin.

But there is a way to turn back the clock and rejuvenate it. At Premier Primary Care, Dr. Brenda Dexter helps women and men throughout Union City, Tennessee, reclaim their youthful skin by applying radiofrequency technology. Here’s how it works. 

Why does skin sag and wrinkle?

Before we dive into the solution to saggy, wrinkled skin, it’s crucial to understand why it occurs in the first place. 

As you age, your skin begins to show signs of sun and environmental damage, but it also loses a critical ingredient called collagen. This protein is responsible for giving your skin its structure, strength, and resilience. It’s found throughout your body in your connective tissues, eyes, nails, and skin. Around the age of 35-40, your body starts producing less collagen, and you see the consequences in your thinning skin. Without the supportive scaffolding of the collagen fibers, it begins to droop and shrivel.

The key to restoring the youthful look of your skin is restoring your supply of collagen, and that’s where radiofrequency (RF) technology comes in.

The science behind RF for skin rejuvenation

Your body naturally produces more collagen when it detects an injury. It floods the scene with several healing properties, including collagen, which attracts fibroblasts and provides a foundation on which the new collagen can rebuild the tissue. 

At Premier Primary Care, Dr. Dexter uses RF technology to trigger that healing, collagen-producing response in your skin with a device called TempSure® Envi by Cynosure®, one of the leading manufacturers of aesthetic lasers. It works by gently heating the tissues in your skin.

Studies show that all it takes is about 3 minutes of 115-degree heat to stimulate your body’s natural release of collagen. Radiofrequency technology may sound intimidating, but it’s just a controlled dose of targeted energy. You’re probably already familiar with various forms of RF energy: X-rays, microwaves, WIFI, and radio waves. 

If you think that exposure to these waves might be harmful, don’t worry — TempSure Envi emits radio waves that are about 100 million times slower than light and more than 1 billion times less intense than an X-ray.

Dr. Dexter hovers a small, handheld TempSure Envi device over the area of your skin you want treated as you relax during the comfortable session. You may feel a warm sensation on your skin and a rhythmic light snapping as the energy waves pass through your outer skin and penetrate down to the dermis layer. 

Depending on the size of the treatment area, you could be in and out of your appointment in as few as 5 minutes. Even the most comprehensive treatments typically don’t exceed an hour. There are no needles, no ablation, no drug, and no surgery, just a quick, painless session that triggers your body’s healing response.

Over the next few weeks and months, you begin to see the results appear as collagen builds up and your skin tightens. You’ll see wrinkles and lines fade away as the contours of your face become more defined.

Suppose you also have dark spots, rosacea, or other pigmentation problems. In that case, Dr. Dexter may also recommend Cynosure’s Icon™ laser treatment, which uses the power of intense pulsed light to break up clumps of melanin (pigment) in your skin, leaving you with a clearer, more even tone.

Schedule an appointment for a skin analysis by calling our friendly staff or booking online today. 

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