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Start Your New Year with Medical Supervision for Your Weight Loss Goals

Start Your New Year with Medical Supervision for Your Weight Loss Goals

Another year came and went, and you’re still struggling to lose those extra pounds. Maybe you upped your exercise routine or tried the keto diet — but chances are you gave up when you didn’t see results.

That’s because losing weight takes more than willpower and counting calories. Your metabolism is unique and complex, and no cookie-cutter approach to weight loss will deliver the results you want. 

You need a professional team to analyze your health, assess your weight issues, identify the roadblocks, and design a step-by-step plan that is meant for you alone. 

That’s what you get with our medically supervised weight loss program here at Premier Primary Care in Union City, Tennessee. Dr. James Batey and our team work with you side by side on your journey toward a healthier weight. Here’s what you can expect.


The Premier Primary Care medical weight loss program is tailor-made to address your unique metabolism.

Dr. Batey conducts a thorough exam to determine the status of your overall health. Our goal in helping you lose weight is to help you gain vitality, energy, health, and a better quality of life, so we start with a comprehensive look at your health markers, such as:

If there are health concerns to clear up before starting your weight loss program, Dr. Batey addresses those first.

While all these issues factor into our weight loss program design, we don’t stop there. We also talk with you about your lifestyle, activities you love (and those you hate), your alcohol and smoking habits, what your workday looks like, and other factors that influence your weight and your metabolism.

Based on all this information, your one-of-a-kind weight loss program will set you up for success.

You’ll gain more than you lose

When you lose weight the right way, meaning you don’t resort to harmful drugs, hormone therapies, and meal replacements, you can expect to lose weight, but you’ll gain something even better — your health.

Being overweight robs you of your good health, so getting rid of excess fat can restore your overall wellness. As the pounds drop, your health gets better and better. Losing just 5% of your body weight can:

And when you lose weight, you get some bonus perks, such as better sleep, better moods, and a huge confidence boost. 

Does medical weight loss work?

Not only does medical weight loss work, but it also works better than any diet out there. And the weight stays off as long as you adopt a healthier lifestyle. Fad diets that eliminate certain nutrients or have you fasting for long periods only work for a while, then the weight comes back with a few more pounds, to boot.

On the other hand, our patients lose weight sure and steady — about 2-5 pounds a week to start. Progress depends on your body type and metabolism, but we keep you moving forward toward your goal and help you along the way.

If 2022 is finally the year you’re committing to lose unhealthy excess pounds, don’t go about it alone. Schedule an appointment at Premier Primary Care to gain support as you lose weight. Call our friendly staff today or request an appointment online. 

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