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You Don’t Have to Live with Acne Scars: Skin Rejuvenation Can Help

As the most common skin condition in the United States, chronic acne affects up to 50 million Americans at any given time. While it’s often associated with puberty and adolescence, many adults deal with acne, too — women, in particular, are more likely to experience routine acne breakouts in their thirties, forties, and even fifties. 

Unfortunately, persistent acne and its ongoing breakout cycle can wreak havoc on your skin, causing deep and lasting damage that leads to the development of scar tissue. And for most people, having to live with acne scars isn’t much of an improvement over having to deal with embarrassing breakouts. 

Luckily, the team at Premier Primary Care can help you diminish the appearance of acne scars — or erase them altogether — with laser skin rejuvenation. Here’s how it works.

Understanding chronic acne

Acne develops when your pores become clogged with oil and dry, dead skin cells. Oil-blocked pores can give rise to a variety of blemishes, ranging from pustules (pimples) and papules to whiteheads and blackheads. 

Mild acne can become painfully inflamed if the bacteria that live on your skin make their way into a clogged pore and begin to multiply. Pores that are teeming with bacteria tend to produce more severe acne cysts and nodules.  

Acne and scar formation

Living with persistent acne can be incredibly frustrating — just as one round of blemishes starts to clear up, the next round appears, leaving your skin in a perpetual state of inflammation and irritation. 

Continual breakouts can also be incredibly damaging if their inflammatory effects extend into your deeper skin layers. Ongoing or severe acne breakouts may leave a permanent mark in the form of scar tissue.

Raised acne scars

As a breakout clears up, your body generates fresh collagen to help heal and restore your skin. If your body produces too much collagen, it can clump together and form permanent bumps, or raised acne scars, on the surface of your skin. This type of scar often appears on the chest or back.   

Depressed acne scars

When your skin doesn’t generate enough fresh collagen as it heals from a breakout, you may develop depressed acne scars, or small, shallow pits along the surface of your skin. Depressed acne scars are more common on the face.

Painless acne scar removal 

Skin rejuvenation is a quick, noninvasive treatment that uses highly targeted laser or radiofrequency energy to break up unwanted scar tissue and revitalize the surface of your skin. On top of diminishing the appearance of severe acne scars, these advanced solutions can completely erase minor scars.  

When the energy waves pass across the surface of your skin, they deliver rapid pulses of light through each dermal layer, triggering a cascade of skin-building processes, including collagen growth and elastin renewal. 

Laser technology also creates precise micro-perforations in unwanted scar tissue, effectively breaking it apart into tiny clumps that your body can easily absorb and eliminate. 

As the skin renewal process continues to unfold and progress in the days and weeks following your laser treatment, your skin will look smoother, firmer, and more youthful, and your acne scars will fade away or disappear altogether.   

Revitalize the skin you’re in with Icon

The team at Premier Primary Care uses the Icon™ laser by CynoSure® to target and remove unwanted acne scars. With its sophisticated “next generation” technology, the Icon is safe and effective for all skin types and can be used to treat virtually any area of your face or body. 

Most people require three to seven laser treatments to achieve optimal scar clearance and skin renewal results; the number of sessions you need is determined by the nature and severity of your scars as well as how quickly your skin responds to the therapy.  

Whether your acne scars are mild or severe, raised or depressed, limited or widespread, you can count on laser skin rejuvenation to restore smoother, more uniform, and more healthy skin. 

If you’re ready to revitalize the skin you’re in, the aesthetic experts at Premier Primary Care can help. Call our Union City, Tennessee, office or book online to schedule your appointment today.

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